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The Story of Ed Ricketts - John Steinbeck and the Western Flyer
Few images exist of the events surrounding adventures and events of this unique story of Americana


Through extensive research, a group of professional artists are working to create paintings that enhance subject backgrounds, add color and complement but not rewrite history.


Only Existing Image
Shake down cruise on Commincement Bay 1937

More paintings will follow including several newly discovered locations that Ed Rickets visited in Washington State -

locations on the Sea of Cortez and the Western Flyer restoration process currently underway.

Color Registration ?


Black and White images hide color


Occasionally we find a clue such as the tin can used to bail water in this snapshot. The coffe isn't around anymore but he memory of the coffee can lives on.


Using Photoshop grayscales, the software suggest similar values of reds, whites and yellows

in other areas of the image.

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