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Coast Guard, Space, Odds and ends
Coast Guard Art Program Patch
Rich wood tones on black water
header showing CG swimmer jumping out of a helicopter


Newborn Spinner onhisfirst escort
CG45 partly airborne off a huge wave
Rescue swimmer mid air jumping from choppeer
Debris removal to protect endangered wildlife
Fast boat escorts intruder sailboat away from race course
Heilcopter and clif rescue training

"First Escort"

February: Accepted into the 2016 Permanent Collection of the US Coast Guard.


The 14th District  45 escourted by a newborn Spinner Dolphin with Mom and his Aunts off shore Oahu

Swimmer on cable rescue downed pilot
Swimmer on cable hooks up a dummy on the rocks 300 feet above the Pacific
Chief holding debrief


If you are interested in becoming a USCG Artist or just want to knew more about the program


Mary Ann Bader

Coordinator, Coast Guard Art Program

Community Relations Division (CG-09223)

Office of Public Affairs

2100 2nd Street, S.W.

Mail Stop 7362

Washington, D.C.   20593-7362

Phone:  202-372-4643

Fax:  202-372-4986


Photo shows aurora from Space by Doug Wheelock

Aurora Photograph by Doug Wheelock taken from orbit aboard the ISS 2010

Over KittyHawk reflection of First Flight in Gold visor shield

Passing over Kitty Hawk

24x36 O/Russian Linen

STS 88

Joining Unity with Zarya


US Astronaut Jim Newman making umbilical connections

between the  US  "UNITY" and Russian "Zarya"

elements of the ISS. A reflection of the first flight

at Kitty Hawk in his visor as the ISS passes over

Kitty Hawk


Private Collection JSC Houston

Pai itng of Earth from space between EARTH AND THE Moon
First firey seconds of Shuttle lift off

Earth from L5

40 x 30 O/C


Private Collection

League City Texas

STS120 Liftoff


30 x 24 O/C

President Clinton looking out the glass door at the White House

More Contemporary Art

A pirate looks at 40 on Vero Beach
Rose off the Needles UK
Sailor climbs through a sea of canvas
Red lobster boat off shore the Nubble Lighthouse
Day sailor on a moody sea
A gift for a $%^^ man
Finished image of sequence of how the painting was done as seen below
How a painting is made
The painting to the right is called 
Norweigon Wood. It is based on a photo from
Kathy Mansfield in the UK. Below is the sequence I used to create the painting

It starts with a drawing - I use a brush with India Ink
Then areas are darkened with Payne's Gray Oil

The wood Grain is added with Raw Umber

A thin wash of blue for the sail and a wash  of Burnt Sienna  and Purple Lake  on the hull - the sail is washed with  Senniler Warm Grey

Water is added and the sail get another wash.

The water is darkened with Burnt Sienna and detail
is added to the hull - details to the bowsprit and line

Finally everything gets a wash to soften and highlights

are added to the water.

The wood has amazing depth and dimension

Working with a good base

image and using multiple washes creates the  appearance of real wood and cloth. The metal  parts are tinged with  green

 corrosion and

the hull has distress marks
painted in.


Given all that it is still incomplete....

to finish a painting

one must shoot the artist!

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