C.R. Bryant    (Bob)
Modern Marine Master





or over fifty years....

C.R. (Bob) Bryant has worked to perfect his ability as a visual artist. Working primarily with traditional oil on linen, using techniques of the old masters, learned over many years of study, he has become a master of realism. He has also perfected the rare and unusual technique of painting on copper used by early Dutch and Flemish painters and revered as the perfect ground for oils.

"Kentra" Oil on Pure Copper

Known for his ability to paint water he also has a working knowledge of sailing ships and today he is recognized as a leading international marine artist. Relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 1988, his focus has centered on preserving the rich Marine history of Tacoma, Seattle, and the Puget Sound. Additionally his focus is classic sailing yachts. He maintains a professional art studio on Raft Island near Gig Harbor.                                 

His understanding and appreciation of visual arts has been enriched while living abroad and devoting considerable time in the world’s great art museums, living and painting in the footsteps of the old masters. Bryant is a veteran single hand sailor and never far from the sea preferring to live on or near the ocean.

Another aspect of his work involves the human figure, seldom included in maritime paintings but frequently the subject of his work. Many of his paintings especially classic yachts are actually portraits of crew and owners unpretentiously represented within the composition as seen in the painting "Kentra" above.

In 1997, Bryant made the decision to paint professionally and began marketing his work by founding Emerald Island Studios.  A considerable number of paintings are produced each year for donation to selected causes supporting the arts, marine heritage and historical conservation. The most recent include projects at Herreshoff and the National Maritime Museum in San Francisco.

In the United States his original oil paintings and limited edition reproductions are represented exclusively by Mystic Seaport, America's museum of the sea. Elsewhere, his paintings are predominately commissioned by patrons and yacht owners. His work is frequently selected for exhibition at major exhibitions in Mystic. His paintings are included in the permanent collections of maritime museums, international corporations, numerous classic yacht owners and patrons throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.






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